Mural painting for the Artistically challenged and Unorganised

Are you a loser when it comes to artistic ability? Do you unscrew plugs using a kitchen knife? If so, this is the tutorial for you. Let us crack on!

Find a picture you want to recreate on your wall. Outdoor scenes and paint by numbers look really cool. I found mine on Pinterest.

We are going to be making a basic projector so, you will need to trace your picture onto a clear surface. You can use clear plastic, or you can do what I did  “Take down the photograph of your ugliest kid, remove the glass, and throw the rest in the bin! I’m kidding…….Sharpie pen actually washes off glass so you can put the ugly git back on the mantle piece when you are done.”

I just laid the glass over my i pad and traced the picture. You can also print the picture from your computer and trace from the printout.

Next, you need a box. Cut a square out of one end and stick your tracing over the hole using Blutac, sticky tape, spit, whatever…

Lets project! Make sure your room is super dark. Set your box up on a chair. You now need a light source to shine through your clear tracing. I found the easiest way was to prop my mobile up inside the box using a mug then use the torch app.

Your picture should now be projecting clearly. You can move the box and your mobile around to get the right fit on your wall. Now trace the projected picture onto your wall. I used a Sharpie for this.

Its time for the tedious exciting part of painting your mural. Go back to the original picture you are wanting to recreate and choose your paints accordingly. I used acrylic paints (no idea why, Google just said to!)

I forgot to buy paint brushes! But it turns out that Estee Lauder makeup brushes work just fine!

I found it easiest to complete one colour before moving onto another. Keep referring back to the original artwork. 

 Word of advice: DON’T PANIC! I cacked myself a little more with each colour I added. It didn’t come together until I’d painted the deer’s nose!

And there you have it. Even the artistically challenged with ugly kids and no paint brushes can do this. And after all that hard work, you can replace a huge piece of furniture instantly obscuring three days’ worth of toil.

Or, you can bring the old cot out of the attic for a photoshoot and put your husband into an early grave.

Have fun guys!

8 thoughts on “Mural painting for the Artistically challenged and Unorganised

  1. Nathan Curry says:

    I second the above comment. Stuck in rented accomodation where for some reason they’re adverse to me going at it with a paintbrush (must have seen my earlier works) great article nonetheless!

    • Conquer Lakes Admin says:

      Thank you Beth. It really does look super impactful as a feature wall and you can find some awesome vintage paint by numbers designs on Pinterest. It is a bit time consuming but is easy to do with no real equipment needed (not even paint brushes!)

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